Monday, January 23, 2017

What's Really Important?

What’s Really Important?

This dinosaur has written about lots of things over the years.  I’ve given opinions on breeding, grooming, and many other topics, but this short blog is much more important.

Shirley Schaffer, a long time Collie fancier, CC of A member and former District Director for Michigan has suffered a real tragedy.  Upon arriving home from a local dog show, Shirley found her home on fire.  In addition to the damage to the home, she lost four house dogs and possibly her cat which can’t be found.

This lady recently drove thru the Michigan winter to help rescue dogs from a Michigan breeder who had passed away and whose family could not care for them.  There was no reward, but it was the right thing to do.

Now Shirley is not wealthy and her older home was not covered by insurance.  This lady who gladly helped out dogs in need, needs our help.  We dog people may spar and argue, but in a time of need, we come together.

Please give all you can to help Shirley rebuild her damaged home and her life.  Things like this can happen to any one of us.  At such a time we’d all hope for help from our like minded friends.

Think about it!!

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