Friday, January 16, 2015



The Collie world has lost the gentle lady of Bellbrooke Collies.  Her light, like her voice, was soft, not bright and overpowering.  She was the quiet one of the Bellbrooke duo, allowing husband, John, to do the talking, to show the dogs, and later to be the judge.  Ada was eminently qualified to judge Collies, but could never bring herself to do it because she couldn’t bear to hurt people’s feelings.

Ada’s world revolved around family, friends, and Collies and she was careful to keep them in that order.  Bellbrooke did not finish the most champions or win the most shows, but their efforts spawned the likes of Marnus, Wayside, Gingeor, Tartanside, and all the lines that descend from them.

During the past holiday season we received our annual Christmas card from Ada.  I’m sure that next Christmas will seem poorer from not having that reminder of a friendship that spanned so many years.  Like her idol and mine, Steve Field, Ada Giuliano will have a place in my mind and my heart forever.  She and Johnny helped a young friend from South Jersey acquire a nine month old puppy who would become the stuff dreams are made of and the rest would be history.

Like one of her favorite Collies Ada will always be our “Bellbrooke’s Lil Darlin.”  Those of you who have been in the dog game a while know it speaks volumes when I tell you that I never heard any person speak ill of Ada Giuliano.  Rest in peace, dear friend.  You leave this world a poorer place for your passing, but a richer place for your having been here.

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