Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HELP!! Collies in Trouble!!

HELP!!  Collies in Trouble!!

Many of you may be aware of the horrific situation recently uncovered in Houston, Texas.  Over 100 Collies were removed from the premises of a despicable individual who claims to be a Collie “breeder.”  The conditions under which the dogs and puppies were being kept were awful and many have skin problems and other health issues.  Apparently this is not the first time this woman has been in trouble for hoarding and having too many Collies.  We must wonder why so many cases of this sort seem to involve Collies.

Though we may not be able to say for sure it may have to do with the fact that Collies are sweet and aim to please which makes them a target for such abuse.  The very qualities which we prize in our breed may make them easy targets for people who have no concept of ethical treatment of animals.  Any reputable breeder who sells to someone with unknown reputation, references, and proper facilities is only taking a chance.  It surely is easy to just get your money and ship a dog or puppy to someone, but we owe our dogs more.

I do not know if this person has any club affiliations, but it seems doubtful.  The CC of A needs to follow up on this matter thru AKC and see that this woman never owns another dog let alone register one.  Since this is not her first run in with the law on such matters, one might hope the local authorities will see fit to bar her from keeping any animals.

The CC of A is making a generous donation to help with the cost of feeding, housing, and treating the problems these dogs exhibit.  The Houston Collie Rescue Group can use help from all of us.  This is a monumental undertaking and takes time, volunteers, and donations to do the job.  If every CC of A member sent a donation equal to one dog show entry it would go a long way toward solving the problem.

 Send your checks to:
                                    Houston Collie Rescue
                                    P.O. Box 526
                                    Stafford, TX 77497

I recently wrote that some rescue groups have unreasonable expectations of people who want to adopt a dog.  Though we have no idea of where Houston Collie Rescue stands in that regard, we do know they need our help and these dogs need our help, too.  If you really love the Collie, let’s step up and be counted.  My check is in the mail.  How about yours?  Let’s show the people at Houston Collie Rescue that Collie people have hearts as big as their dogs.

Interesting note on another matter.  Some time back the CC of A asked me to look into creating a book featuring the writings of Steve Field of Parader fame.  Gayle Kaye was brought on as co-editor because of her many talents and deep respect for Steve which matched my own.  The first thing we found was that Steve hadn’t written as much as some of us thought.  The second thing was that his writings done years ago make as much sense today as when written.  Looking at those articles I find it amazing how accurate Steve’s insight into the direction Collies were going would be.

In answer to a question asked in 1962 CC of A yearbook  “What changes in the Collie should be worked for in the next 5 to 10 years” Steve’s reply was simple, but timely and still is today.  He advocated medium size dogs and warned against judges being impressed by “bigger Collies.”  He did not speak out against bold, outgoing dogs, but warned against terrier type aggressive dogs.  He mentioned the problems of breeding for ever-showing Collies with high set, trained over prick ears.  He advocated a desire for correct type and berated those dogs which showed so constantly that they looked like a “cobra ready to strike.”

Beauty was another word that Steve used.  He further wrote that “if the public wants a medium sized Collie of stable, friendly disposition and greater beauty, I believe we can take steps to improve our breed in these general directions.”

At a seminar in Omaha, Nebraska, where Steve and I sat on the panel, Bobbee Roos was also a speaker.  She warned against trying to save pups that weren’t vigorous and also about too much faking of color with makeup.  She said some of the problem was an increase of ladies in the dog game and that both these issues could be related to that increase.  Steve said Bobbee could get away with saying that since she was also of the fairer sex.  It’s one thing to try to save puppies, but another to use those weaklings for breeding.  It’s also a fact that few puppies are whelped with a makeup kit.  Being skilled enough to breed correctness is much more difficult, but also much more satisfying than having to fake.  Each generation that you apply faking to gets you further away for contributing anything meaningful to our breed.

Think about it!!

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