Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waiting For Spring

Waiting For Spring

As mentioned in my last blog, this winter has been a real trial as it has in much of the country.  The snow has just kept coming and the cold didn’t allow for much melting.  Soon after I moved to Michigan in 1976 we had an awful storm in late January of 1978 that dropped 34 inches at one shot.  Things were tough but I was a lot younger and had three teenage sons at home to help.

This year unlike last year I’ve stayed pretty healthy and Phyllis and I have blown snow and shoveled snow since December.  When you have animals to care for staying inside where it’s warm is not an option.  Besides blowing paths for the dogs and to the bird feeders, there were cats and chickens to take care of in spite of the weather.  Both had heated water bowls and the cats slept on heating pads in a dog crate.

Unfortunately the worst was yet to come.  On February 19 the weight of snow on the pole barn brought it down.  The chickens and cats survived in rooms off to the side, but the two riding mowers weren’t so lucky.  The electricity had to be turned off to prevent fire from many broken wires.  Goodbye lights, heated water bowls and cozy heating pads.  Normally at 9pm I take the dogs out for the last time and go in the pole barn to turn off the lights in the chicken coop.  That night we watched a nature show until 9pm so I was a bit late.  The barn collapsed at 9pm just as I was getting dressed to go outside as usual.

So you see blogs may be scarce for a while as we work a bit harder to take care of our creatures under tough circumstances, but this old dinosaur will give thanks to his God every day for not being in the barn when it came crashing down.  For now at least this dinosaur was not meant to be extinct.

Think about it!

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  1. our good luck that you were not in the barn!